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  • The number of participants is limited to 28.

  • All participants give the performances in their category according to the order drawn by lot. This order will be the same in all rounds.

  • All participants give the performances in one category only without regard to their instruments or their age.

  • The registration of the competition takes place in the office of the Oldenburger Promenade, Gartenstraße 7, 26122 Oldenburg. It is required to attend the registration personally.

  • The order of the performances will be decided by lot. Drawing will start in the office of the Oldenburger Promenade and is binding for the whole length of the competition. It is required for the participants to attend the drawn personally.

  • The age limit is binding for each participant.

  • There are no restrictions regarding the educational status of the applicants (e.g. university, academy, conservatory, music school, private lessons).

  • The competition will be decided in the course of three rounds and is open to the public throughout the competition.

  • The decisions of the jury and of the organizer are definite and non-appealable. The jury decides on all the prizes, extra prices and concert commitments for one or more prize-winners and finalists. The decisions are going to be announced at the prize giving ceremony. The personally present of the award winners at the price giving ceremony is binding.

  • The eliminated participants have the possibility to speak with the jury after each round. Questions over professional subjects to the jury are not allowed before the participant gets the result.

  • The participants cannot claim any financial remuneration for videos or recordings taken at any time during the entire competition.

  • According to the event and the atmosphere of the concert hall in Oldenburg Palace the prize-winners are expected to wear smart outfit.

  • The german text of the call for application is legally binding.