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  1. Prize EUR 10.000,-
  2. Prize EUR 5.000,-
  3. Prize EUR 2.500,-

The Jury is free to decide that not every prize can be awarded. Legal recourse is excluded.

All participants of the 3rd round will receive a diploma as a special reward.

NDR Kultur Award

Young artists of today shape tomorrow’s culture – hence encouraging and promoting the new generation of musicians is of utmost importance!

The broadcasting station NDR Kultur will award a prize to an especially talented young musician in the course of the International Music Competition for Young People. The prize includes an invitation to the broadcasting studio of NDR Kultur where the winner will have the opportunity of recording under professional conditions. This recording will be broadcasted in a radio feature of the series „Junge Künstler“.

The broadcasting station of NDR has a long tradition in promoting those of the new generation. For more than 50 years young musicians, men and women, have been invited to concerts and recordings. Thus young musicians who are now stars in classical music made some of their first appearances on NDR, among them the pianist Martha Argerich, the oboe player Heinz Holliger or the pianist and orchestra conductor Christoph von Dohnányi.

The Prize awarded by the public

EUR 500,-

donated by the Gemeinschaft der Freunde der Kammermusik in Oldenburg e.V.

Participating in the concerts of the International Music Festival Oldenburger Promenade is regarded as a special acknowledgement for the winner of the prize awarded by the public.

The prize winner is obliged to take part in these concerts.
There will be an adequate remuneration plus the coverings for travelling and hotel expenses.

The management of the festival reserves itself the right to choose some compositions from the three competition rounds for this concert.


EUR 500,-

„To find and promote extraordinary talents is our passion“ –

admits Birgit Gremmelspacher, director of the Steinway company Hamburg, and initializes a sponsorship award for a young pianist within the framework of the International Music Competition for Young People.