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The application includes two steps:

1. Application online
The following documents should be also uploaded:

  • application form
  • recently updated CV and program details
  • passport/ identity card/ birth certificate (one of the documents only)
  • recent portrait-photo (minimum size 6 x 9 cm 300dpi)

2. Delivery of the documents per post

  • printed application form with original signature from the participant or the legal guardian
  • CD or DVD recording consisting of the pieces at the competitors choice, minimum 10 minutes playing time required
  • one recently taken passport photo

The forwarding of all documents by post is possible only in case of exception and on written request.

Gemeinschaft der Freunde der Kammermusik in Oldenburg e.V.
Int. Musikwettbewerb für die Jugend
Gartenstraße 7
26122 Oldenburg

The organizers of the competition will make their decision after checking all the received recordings. Legal recourse is excluded.

The results will be informed to each applicant about two weeks after the application deadline.

The application fee for all the accepted participants is 100,00 EUR - for the receiver free of expense- which must be transferred after receiving the official letter of invitation.

Gemeinschaft der Freunde der Kammermusik in Oldenburg e.V.

Intern. Musikwettbewerb für die Jugend
+ name oft he participant

Oldenburgische Landesbank
IBAN: DE 12 2802 0050 1382 7001 00

Visa apply:
The official invitation letter from the competition if necessary can be used for the Visa Application procedure at the German embassy or German consulate. The official invitation can also be used for the German Visa Application Form not only by competitors but also the parents of the young/under aged competitors who wish to accompany their children for the trip. The piano accompanist is also eligible to use the official invitation letter for the German visa requirements. We charge a rate of 50, 00 EUR per person for preparing and sending all the necessary documents for the German visa application. The fee has to be paid directly with the application and the required documents.

In case of the participants withdraws from the competition, the application fee and the visa fee cannot be refunded. The record sound samples, documents and edited works cannot be sent back.

Piano accompaniment:
The participants are allowed to bring along their own accompanist at their own expense. The mention of the name ensued on the application form. If requested via application form, every participant will have an official piano accompanist. We charge a flat rate of 25,00 EUR for every round for it. The flat rate for the first round has to be paid not later than four weeks before the competition start date.

Furthermore the participant has to enclose the copy of piano score with the application documents when sending them no later than four weeks before the start of the competition. The score must be well readable. The original score has to be submitted in Oldenburg. In all rounds only the original score is permitted. The competition allocates rehearsal rooms according to its possibilities.

All participants will be asked to arrange their own accommodation (and if necessary for the piano accompanist traveling with them) before/during the first and second round. After the announced results of the second round the competition will provide a private accommodation for all the finalists. If this offer will not suit the finalists there will be no other possibility of the hotel cost absorption or payout.

The rehearsals timetable for the first round will be allocated in the Castle Room (Oldenburg Castle, Schlossplatz 1, 26122 Oldenburg) according to the order of the drawing and it’s binding. If for some reason the participant misses or cannot attend the rehearsal time arranged by the competition there is no claim to reschedule it for any other time.

Warm up before the performance:
All participants will get a 15 minutes slot for the warm up before their stage performance. The warm up room allocated next to the stage. Practice rooms for the additional rehearsals: The competition will provide more practice rooms for the participants according to its possibilities (location for the additional Practice rooms is: Kulturzentrum PFL, Peterstrasse 3, 26121 Oldenburg). The Rehearsal plan for the first round will be scheduled. The Rehearsal arrangements for the following rounds will be announced straight after the official results of the first round. Provided rehearsal times are binding. Delays or absence for the practice rooms are the responsibility of each competitor and no other additional times can be arranged.

In case of any queries please contact:

Phone: +49 (0) 441 59 49 222
Fax: +49 (0) 441 59 49 224
Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. - 12.30 a.m.

Competition management: Elena Nogaeva